As 2018 commences, Barlow Technology is delighted to bring you additional products from our range; this month, focusing on ENCODERS from technology and manufacturing industry giant; Hübner Giessen.

Offering a wide range of engineering services and newly developed products, we are able to supply the latest technology; confident that we have the solution to your application.

Benefits of the Unit One Encoder
The universal encoder system U-ONE from Johannes Hübner Giessen combines speed, position and overspeed detection in a single unit. The system includes a universal basic unit that is connected to the electronic function modules on the switchboard via EMC proof fiber optic cable. Encased in a rugged aluminium casing the basic unit UOM 4L-1212 is designed for maximum speeds up to 3000 rpm. The device is available as construction types B5 with flange and B35 with flange and foot. To facilitate flexible configuration of the U-ONE system it is possible to arrange the ten function modules that also belong to the system side-by-side in any order.
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More about Hübner Giessen
Hübner Giessen concentrate on products for heavy duty applications like no other sensor systems manufacturer in the field of encoder technology. Barlow Technology are delighted to be able to introduce and supply these products to our worldwide client base.

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Hübner Giessen Encoders and Drive Control
Barlow Technology is the UK supplier of a range of Encoders and Drive Control systems from Hübner Giessen – a world leader in the manufacture of incremental encoders, absolute encoders, tacho-generators and custom built motors for the Steel Industry, Paper Mills, Ports and Harbours, and many other industries.
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Incremental Encoders
Barlow Technology promotes a wide range of Incremental Encoders designed for heavy industry and extreme operating conditions.

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Absolute Encoders
Designed for operations in extreme conditions, Barlow Technology supply a range of ABSOLUTE ENCODERS to worldwide clients:

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Magnetic Encoder MAG
Barlow Technology can supply encoder solutions for large shaft diameters. Engineered to cope with hard wear, these specific encoders are built without bearings and are extremely robust:
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Barlow Technology supplied Encoders and Drive Control Systems can be used in multiple applications within a wide range of industries, including the Steel industry, Ports and Harbours and Mining.
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