November 2017 Welcome to the first Barlow Technology NEWSLETTER, bringing you news on leading industrial products and up to date manufacturing processes within the marine and offshore, container handling, mining and the renewable energy industries.


NEW from Barlow Technology — Series of Thruster Disc Brakes

Barlow Technology is the sole UK representative of industry leading brake manufacturer, Pintsch Bubenzer.

With a new range of redesigned brakes manufactured for multiple applications, including hoists, trolleys and gantries, the low maintenance system has been designed to resolve issues associated with dated braking systems and outmoded manufacturing designs.
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10 Advantages of Disc Brakes SB28.3 with BUEL® Thruster
  Limit switch release control
  Automatic wear compensator
  Self-centering with cam disc and roller
  Symmetric design
  Parallel air gap – no more “tipping” of the brake shoes
  Sintered linings
  Maintenance-free bushings
  Stainless steel pins and spindles
  Two piece spring design
  Adjustable brake torque
  Weather Execution as standard!
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Case Study: Replacement of damaged Steel Crane Wheels
Barlow Technology is extremely proud of over 40 years experience in the steel industry with a speciality in the supply of forged steel crane wheels to UK Ports and Harbours.

A recent visit to a new client, highlighted a problem with steel crane wheels, previously installed by another supplier.

We identified the problem and offered a solution….

The crane wheel flanges were displaying extreme wear, not in-line with age, with the rate of erosion indicating an issue with the wheel specifics and a resultant shortening of the predicted and expected lifespan of the product.

Upon closer inspection, the wheels were proved to be unsuited for purpose and the potentially damaging forces involved in this particular type of heavy industrial application.
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Crane Wheels
The range of steel wheels and tyres we are able to supply is extensive; engineered to your requirements, for the following applications:
  Torpedo and Freight Wheels
  Wheels for Steel Plant Applications
  Trolley Wheels
  Pulley Sheaves
  Rope Wheels
  Wheel Blocks
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Steel Tyres
Barlow Technology can supply steel tyres and hubs, tailored to your requirements, offering extremely competitive costs and lead times.

Typical sizes are ∅ 600mm to ∅ 900mm

"Available in a variety of materials, we have a range of hardening techniques available, to provide progressive deep hardening to the tyre, typically 8-15mm"
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Barlow Technology can supply pulley/rope sheaves to you, manufactured to client specifications. Importantly, all of our sheaves are machined from solid discs, and NOT welded. Sizes range from ∅ 280 – ∅ 1250mm Materials include:
  C45 (Forged)
  C60 (Forged)
  42CrMo4 (Forged)
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Safety in Automation for Smart Ports
With an increasing number of terminals worldwide considered ‘fully automated’, the number is set to rise as the industry moves to unmanned cranes, in pursuit of improved efficiency.

Specialist supplier of bespoke equipment to the ports and harbours industry for over 40 years, Barlow Technology has experienced a recent growth in demand for MONITORING SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL BRAKES, linked to automation.

Sales Director Richard Barlow says; “With the recent increase in fully automated terminals, it is imperative for safety that certain conditions can be monitored remotely, such as brake pad wear, Pad temperature, reserve stroke monitoring and Brake Force. The CMB-3 Monitoring System from Pintsch Bubenzer allows all of these conditions to be monitored.”

As the sole UK supplier for Pintsch Bubenzer products; Barlow’s clients recognise the value in quality, as Pintsch Bubenzer manufacture some of the best industrial braking systems in the world.

Speak to us at Barlow Technology about Monitoring Systems for Crane Brakes
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  Pressure built-up with high hydraulic-mechanical efficiency
  Fail-safe principle
  Automatic compensation of pressure losses
  Wide service temperature range in the standard version
  Compact dimensions
  Extreme fast setting times
  High actuating forces
  Energy savings by intermittent operation
  Compensation of shear forces and alignment errors by use of swivel head
  Low internal heat build-up
  Reduced filling volume
  Low weight
  Good weight/ performance ratio
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